Would You Put This In Your Body?

would you put this in your body

Today’s infographic makes one thing painfully obvious – smokers have double standards with cigarettes. You’d never put it in your lemonade, but battery acid, glue, embalming fluid, ammonia, and paint thinner are put in your body every day if you smoke cigarettes. Share this if you love someone who doesn’t know what’s going in their body.

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Would you drink battery acid?

Would you drink glue?

Would you drink embalming fluid?

Would you drink ammonia?

Would you drink paint thinner?

Infographic: Would You Put This In Your Body?Would You Put This In Your Body? – An infographic hosted at The Kerry Gaynor Method

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Kerry Gaynor

Kerry’s purpose and overarching objective in developing his Method since he began thirty years ago has always been the same: to help save lives. Addictions or ailments, whether it is smoking cigarettes or over eating, can feel a lot like being a prisoner or a slave to your addiction. Kerry has experienced so much fulfillment from helping people unchain themselves from their addictions that it is the only thing he has ever cared to do since his very first client.



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