The Cigarette as Serial Killer


Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys, dismembering them and leaving some of their bodies in his freezer. With some of his later murders, he resorted to cannibalism. And every year, a million women are abused by an intimate partner, with one in four women experiencing some kind of domestic violence … [Read more...]

Healthy Food That Actually Tastes Delicious


It’s no secret that we could all stand to eat a little better. If you’re a smoker trying to kick the habit for good, you’ll need all the help you can get to maintain your good health. If you’re like most people, though, the idea of eating healthy sounds a bit like torture. You probably envision … [Read more...]

4 Simple Rules To Balancing Work And Happiness

balance work and happiness

When that alarm goes off at 6:00AM… it's a little grueling sometimes. All you want to do is locate the snooze button to make the overly cheerful disruption cease, so you can catch another half-hour of sweet slumber – but you know you shouldn’t. No, now you have to get up, get dressed, drink some … [Read more...]

The Simplest Way to Avoid a Smoking Relapse

avoid a smoking relapse

How many times have you tried to quit smoking? Just once? Congratulations! You are in the minority. According to the American Cancer Society, most people try to quit smoking several times before they succeed. All too often, they relapse, mindlessly returning to old behaviors and bad habits, … [Read more...]