Circadian Rhyme: Understanding Your Sleep


  These days, doesn’t life just feel exhausting –I mean, do we ever really get enough sleep?  Sometimes I remember those old days when I was a wee chap, and I just think with a sigh: “That was the life.” Do you remember in kindergarten, when the teacher would have us pull out our … [Read more...]

The Cigarette as Serial Killer


Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys, dismembering them and leaving some of their bodies in his freezer. With some of his later murders, he resorted to cannibalism. And every year, a million women are abused by an intimate partner, with one in four women experiencing some kind of domestic violence … [Read more...]

Would You Put This In Your Body?

would you put this in your body

Today's infographic makes one thing painfully obvious - smokers have double standards with cigarettes. You'd never put it in your lemonade, but battery acid, glue, embalming fluid, ammonia, and paint thinner are put in your body every day if you smoke cigarettes. Share this if you love someone who … [Read more...]