How Nicotine Replacement Products Feed the Habit


You’re finally ready to quit, and you know you need a plan. If you consult your doctor or start Googling for advice on the best way to quit, odds are good you’ll quickly find a recommendation for nicotine replacement therapy. Popularly known as NRT, these gums, patches, and inhalers are designed to … [Read more...]

The 3 Secrets To Unusual Longevity


So, you wish to know the secrets of unusual longevity… well, who doesn’t right?! Would you believe it actually has very little to do with a ‘miracle supplement’, workout routine, and that modern science is still stumped? I’m just going to throw this out there up front: this is not a post about … [Read more...]

Circadian Rhyme: Understanding Your Sleep


  These days, doesn’t life just feel exhausting –I mean, do we ever really get enough sleep?  Sometimes I remember those old days when I was a wee chap, and I just think with a sigh: “That was the life.” Do you remember in kindergarten, when the teacher would have us pull out our … [Read more...]